Objectivies and Courses Objectivies and Courses

Objectivies and Courses

Objectivies and Courses

The ISA International Academy is a professional education service platform within the ISA International Education Group. By integrating the Group's high-quality educational resources and collaborating with external academic organizations at home and abroad, the ISA International Academy provides a comprehensive, professional education service for all ISA schools, and for local communities.


The ISA International Academy is committed to providing students with services that help develop their character strengths. For all of our activities, we provide comprehensive and professional support for students' personal development. We encourage not only participation and competition but also self-reflection, completing assessment tasks, and using their activity reports to continue their development.

The ISA International Academy provides individualized tuition, guidance, counselling and assessment for character development, academic success and personal achievement in activities such as enhancing literacy and numeracy skills, sports, arts, and special interests. We use personal student development folios to help students maintain a record of their achievements for the purpose of university and college entrance and to motivate their continued holistic development.


The ISA International Academy uses highly qualified and skilled instructors to provide a range of challenging courses such as visual art, performing arts, sports, scientific innovation, Chinese culture, basic living skills, and charitable activities. Students can participate to have fun, develop skills, and enjoy the experience of competition.

ISA schools have first-class sports and art facilities, which include Olympic-standard swimming pools, art studios, ceramics rooms, Chinese art rooms, dance and drama studios, national-standard sports fields, and indoor sports halls. In addition to these high-quality resources, the ISA International Academy employs world-class coaches, even world champions and world-renowned artists to teach the students. At the same time, the Academy has formed strategic partnerships with highly accomplished and competitive organizations to jointly develop well-designed courses, and to provide students and families with the best possible opportunities.