Why Choose Us? Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Complete and Professional Course System

Advancement System

According to age, learning ability and degree of interest, each programme is aimed at a clear group to match their needs and wants to the right activity. Courses are divided into three levels to comprehensively improve students' character development and meet their different needs.

Course Assessment System

The ISA International Academy uses personal development folios to help record students' achievements and generate personal development evaluation reports for converting credits. Students will receive different value-added services to assist with their development.

Individualized Education Guidance

The ISA International Academy provides each student with an exclusive counsellor to realize personalized university guidance and planning based on the personal development evaluation report and in combination with students' interests, personalities, academic expertise, career development plans and personal wishes.

Well-Known Professionals, Teaching in Person

The ISA International Academy employs world-class coaches, even world champions and world-renowned artists to teach the students.

International Competition-Level Venue

ISA schools have first-class sports and arts facilities. ISA Science City, with full ownership of the land, has built Olympic-standard swimming pools, national-standard sports fields, indoor sports halls, an auditorium for 800 people, fine arts and performing arts studios, all to deliver the highest standard of education.

Full-Service Support

In addition to high-quality resources, the ISA International Academy has formed strategic partnerships with highly accomplished and competitive organizations through rigorous selection to jointly develop and deliver well-designed courses, and to provide students and families with the best possible opportunities.

The academy also provides one-stop services, including student welfare and course counselling. The school canteen operates in strict accordance with the highest standard of food hygiene and provides delicious food for students to meet the nutritional requirements of study and exercise. Teachers and coaches pay full attention to all students at different levels and put forward guidance and suggestions in a timely manner so that students can adjust their techniques and continue to improve.