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Who We Are

Who We Are

The ISA International Academy is committed to providing students with services that help develop their character strengths. We provide professional evaluation and personalized guidance to nurture competitive talent and whole-child development. We do this through diverse, professionally-led courses, including academic training, competitions, outdoor exploration, social practice, self-reflection, and assessment.

The ISA International Academy brings quality resources together with expert instructors from ISA schools to organize professional teams for music, performance, art, science, technology, academic competitions, and sports. The Academy is for everyone, both inside and outside ISA. We ensure students can access world-class education in state-of-the art facilities and empower young people to compete at the highest international level.


To build an elite international educational system.


To cultivate the character strengths needed to be effective collaborators, innovators, and leaders for the future.

Target Group

To provide high-end, international educational experiences and services for members of the ISA community and learners from the wider community.


Students of the ISA International Academy strive to become lifelong learners (Inquire), well-able to adapt and keep pace with the times (Succeed), and pioneers, trying to build a better future (Act).

What We Do

The ISA International Academy uses highly qualified and skilled instructors to provide a range of challenging courses for the whole society. We offer a complete set of valuable learning and experiential activities including music, sports, art, humanities, science and technology, academic enhancement, charitable activities and basic living skills, which greatly enrich the lives of members of the ISA Community and outsiders as well. We also conduct a comprehensive evaluation of each learning achievement to provide professional guidance for future undergraduate studies.